By signing this contract, you Matthew Conway agree that:

  • A Queer Press (AQP), as represented by Jared Rourke in St. Louis, MO can publish and sell fifty (50) copies of your work, paper dolls, intimates, in exchange for a one-time payment of $150 upon delivery of a complete and mutually agreed upon draft.

  • AQP can publish additional, not-for-profit copies for promotional use.

  • The work is completely original and yours to grant publishing rights to. You are responsible for any liability should these rights be questioned by a third party.

  • AQP will work with you to edit the work until both parties are satisfied with the final result.

  • AQP will have final say over design and production.

  • AQP can use your work in print and digital form to promote the press and the finished product so long as AQP has copies to sell.

  • This agreement isn't a promise for or against future agreements. If additional printings are desired by both parties, each printing will require a new contract.

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